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Frequently Asked Questions

Support and Installation

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you offer powder coating finish on your track?
Yes, any RAL color selections are available for track coating.

What is the maximum beam deflection for our operable wall systems?
Per ASTM E557, the maximum beam deflection is 1/8" per 12'-0" of opening length (non-accumulative).

Products and Pricing

Where can we view your completed product?
Completed products can be found in our Photo Gallery.  

Are your panels equal to Hufcor and Modernfold?
Yes.  Click here to view our comparison guide with Kwik-Wall's competitors.

What is the difference between Variotech and KWV-tech?
The differences of these two models are the carriers and tracks between Kwik-Wall and Variotech provider, Hawa.

How can I get samples of your face materials?
Please call Kwik-Wall at (217) 522-5553 to request samples or Order Sample Here

What kind of face material can I use?
A complete guide to our color selectors can be located under our Products page.

Do you have a price book online?
We do not advertise pricing on our website, as each partition and wall design varies.  

 Can I get invisible/hidden hinges?
Yes, invisible/hidden hinges are available in certain model series.  Please contact our customer service for models that offer this feature.

What is the max panel height?
The max height per panel depends on the model series.  Generally, 16' for 2000 series, 24'2" for 3000 series. 

 Do you offer medium density fiberboard (MDF) substrate?
Kwik-Wall does not offer MDF substrate at this time. Please subscribe to Kwik-Wall's news letter to receive our updates.  Click here to subscribe now!

 Do you offer trim colors besides grey and bronze?
At this time, we only offer bronze and grey.  

Where can I find CAD details?
CAD details for our operable and glass wall systems can be viewed or downloaded under our Products page. Product Downloads

Operable Walls

Are your pass doors American Disabilities Act (ADA) approved?

Do you pre-finish your wood veneer?
Kwik-Wall requires field finishing on wood veneer selectors.

How much do your operable wall systems weigh?
System weight varies depending on the model and STC ratings.  This information is contained within the Technical Brochures or Specifications, which can be viewed or downloaded from our website under Products and Brochures. Product Downloads  

Accordion Partitions

Are your accordions Fired Rated?
Kwik-Wall accordion partitions (carpet) pass flammability by NFPA 265 Class A/ASTM E-84

How much does your vinyl accordion partitions weigh?
Vinyl accordion partitions are weighted by ounces per linear yard.  Kwik-Wall offers 21 oz. per linear yard in this material.

How much does your carpet accordion partitions weigh?
Carpet accordion partitions are weighted by ounces per linear yard.  Kwik-Wall offers 24 oz. per linear yard in this material.

What are your finish material options for accordion partitions?
Under our color selector charts, our accordion finish selectors are Vinyl, Fabric - Stratus, and Carpet - HytexRib.

Glass Walls

Can I put a door in a glass wall system?
Kwik-Wall offers glass doors given the requirements are met.  Please contact our customer service for requirements.

Do you offer frosted glass?
Yes; for a complete description on textured and designed glass wall systems, please contact our customer service.

How expensive are your glass wall systems?
For a complete estimate, please contact us for a listing of the distributors in your area. Find A Distributor

Do you have an exterior glass wall system?
Kwik-Wall offers interior glass.

Do you have wood framed glass wall systems?
As temperatures and climate changes, wood either inflates or deflates.  Therefore, this could damage the glass partitions.  Kwik-Wall offers powder coating on its glass wall system's trim and rails.  

What STC is available for glass wall systems?
Kwik-Wall offers a 3000GL series model with an STC rating of 43.

What is the floor tolerance for glass?
Due to glass not allowing much flexibility and no bottom seals, the options of tolerance are 1/8th" for the entire glass wall system.  Please speak to a structural engineer for further details.

Customer Service and Maintenance

What is your lead time?
On average, Kwik-Wall estimates a lead time of 4-6 weeks.  Time is subject to change.

Where can I get a new tool to open our operable wall system?
All wall repair and accessory requests are handled by your local distributor. Find A Distributor 

How can I schedule an appointment for someone to come look and repair issues with my wall system? Find A Distributor

Where can I find assistance on design layouts?
Kwik-Wall offers assistance with room layouts at any time.  

What is your lead time for shop drawings?
Standard turnaround on shop drawings is approximately two weeks from the date a purchase order is received.  Expedited shop drawings are available on a limited basis, depending on the backlog of projects waiting to be drawn.  If specific information is needed about a project (such as overhead support locations, pocket clearances, etc.), please contact Kwik-Wall's Drafting Department.  We can typically provide this information over the phone or via email, which will allow the coordinating trades to continue working while your project is waiting to be drawn.