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About Us

Our Story

The journey started with the foundation of Capitol Wood Works Company in 1929 by Ray H. Neiswander Sr. After a successful establishment, Ray expanded his milling business into the building materials industry and developed Raynor Garage Door Company in 1942. Nineteen years later, a request for an easy-to-move operable partition was answered by turning a garage door section on its side. This revelation sparked the birth of KWIK-WALL Company in 1961.

In the beginning, KWIK-WALL operable partitions were constructed of wood as that was the expertise of our founder. Over the years, KWIK-WALL transitioned from wood panels to steel and steel reinforced operable partitions to meet the needs of our customers and to provide greater strength and rigidity in our products. Our latest innovation is a new line of Moveable Glass Walls called Clear-Divisions. The KWIK-WALL experience, technology and expertise combined with glass produces the most functional and elegant moveable walls available.

With over 55 years of experience, Kwik-Wall has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best quality products, period.Wherever there is a requirement for acoustical effectiveness, visual aesthetics and panel durability, KWIK-WALL operable partition products are designed to perform at the highest level possible.

The KWIK-WALL philosophy remains clear to this day... to produce and market moveable wall systems consistent with our commitment to quality and excellence. The kind of products that discerning architects and designers worldwide can rely on with confidence.

When choosing your next Operable Partitions System…

Choose Quality. Choose Excellence. Choose KWIK-WALL.

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Our Mission

With over 55 years in the industry, Kwik-Wall strives to deliver top notch quality products. Our experienced service team is ready to assist with design layouts, wall installations and panel maintenance. No matter the request, our team is happy to help!

As technology advances, so does Kwik-Wall's products.  Today we offer steel frame operable wall partitions, accordion style systems, and moveable glass walls.  Each wall design offers variety to the moveable wall system.  Our color selector library peaks at a total of 180 fabric, carpet, and vinyl options and a remarkable amount of wood veneer options.  As our team progresses with new and innovative products, Kwik-Wall continues to strive for quality assurance.  Although we produce a large number panels every day, our utmost importance is our customer satisfaction.  We honor our products with a 5-year warranty on each panel and a 10-year warranty on each track and carrier!

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Our Community

Kwik-Wall Company is located in Springfield, Illinois. The state's capital is the hometown of the sixteenth President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. With a population of approximately 117,000, Springfield has many historical sites and attractions.

The most popular sites are the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, Library, Home, and Tomb.  Other historical attractions include the Dana Thomas House, Vachel Lindsay Home, and the Old State Capital Building. In addition to these landmarks, Springfield is one of the stops along the U.S. Route 66 Highway that begins in Chicago, Illinois and ends in Los Angeles, California.   

The town's fame doesn't stop there.  Springfield is known for the origination of the 'Horseshoe' sandwich.  The Horseshoe sandwich was nationally televised from one of the town's most popular restaurants, D'arcy's Pint.  In fact, four of Springfield's mom and pop restaurants have been nationally televised; Charlie Parker's, D'arcy's Pint, Chili Parlor, and Cozy Dog Drive-In.

While Springfield isn't the largest city, our town has a lot of attractions!   

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Our President

President and Owner, Mike L. Hoyle, had a vision for Kwik-Wall Company from the day he was brought on as Controller. In July of 2006, Mike acquired Kwik-Wall Company and was able to make his vision a reality.

Mike's vision for the company led to a significant increase in sales and record-breaking numbers. Today, Kwik-Wall operates at an accelerated pace and is positioned for substantial growth.  Mr. Hoyle states,  "We have adjusted our products, inside and out, to be modernly sound with today's technologies."  Mr. Hoyle added, "I am no stranger to change and I am completely on board with future advancements."

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